Flavorite’s large scale greenhouse

Tatura, Victoria

Completed: 2024


These large scale greenhouses were designed for optimum growing conditions to suit vine crops, including tomatoes. 

The greenhouses features diffused glass, with a 2x anti-reflective glass coating, a powder-coated structure and frameless windows.

As a large-scale greenhouse solution with high specifications, we created a highly-efficient space per sqm for Flavorite. This structure achieved Flavorites requirements of delivering a high tech, large scale glasshouse solution with the best possible ROI.

Crop Type

Vine Crops

“We’ve been building with Apex for most of the 30 years. We’ve always had a strong relationship, not also just in business, in general… It’s good to work with people in our time zone rather than European builders because you want problems fixed, you want to talk to people (immediately).”

  Chris Millis  |  Flavorite